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Jung An Tagen

  • Artist: Stefan Juster
article_8289_jung_an_tagen_©_viv_150.jpg With his two transcendental and minimalistic Jung An Tagen releases »Vielheiten« (2014) and »Äußere« (2015), Vienna based Stefan Juster made himself a key player in the post-noise techno scene. Because Juster changes his moniker more often than his underwear, it is difficult to keep a hold on who he is and what he did, but a quick search on Discogs learns us: he released on labels such as Blackest Rainbow, Not Not Fun and 100 % Silk, and that he ...

Mad Nanna - We always just hit record and start

article_6064_mad1_150.jpg I will probably give you a different answer every time you ask me, but for now, Mad Nanna's out of tune, out of place and out of time collection of lazy and aloof lofi recordings on the »I Made Blood Better« tape was the best reord of 2011. A small talk with Mad Nanna's songwriter Michael Zulicki.

Goaty Tapes - I identify with goofs

  • Label: Goaty Tapes

Back to the future. Or maybe tape labels have never really gone away. Anyway, I like the Connecticut based tape label Goaty Tapes because of its careful and naïve hand-collage layout that ties together a well-selected bunch of artists. A word with its founder; history student Zully Adler.

Kommissar Hjuler und Mama Bär

Wir leben nur noch Kunst und Musik, alles andere ist Nebensache.

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Tue 25.04.2017 21:00: xiu xiu | chelsea | vienna

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