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Lydia Lunch: A Truce with the Terrorists


»Because of death, I am desperate to live« - Lydia Lunch battles war, daddy, death, and sex with music, spoken word and self-love. »We live shorter than sea turtles«, she said in a Spoken Word Interview.

»german version

Dorian Wood

article_7559_wood4zu3_160.jpg Dorian Wood is currently causing a great stir with his musical output. Intimate, powerful and evocative he pushes the alleged boundaries of genre and gender. His body, his voice and his ears are the main elements, the tools he wields like a master of ceremonies. On stage, Wood conceives the body in its nakedness as a costume, comparable to a special evening gown you only don at rare occasions. It is particularly this distinct perception of the human body that positions the artist - who has meanwhile also collaborated with Marina Abramovic - close to performance art. Musically, Wood is hailed as an exceptional artist and his singing voice has been compared to Antony, Nick Cave or Tom Waits. He directed the video for his song »La Cara Infinita«, his latest album »Rattle Rattle« features 60 musicians, and he also did the artwork for the limited edition vinyl himself. This congenial artist from L.A. is full of surprises and seems to have even more in store for us.

Karen Gwyer: It floats and floats across the Universe


Both released in 2013, on her debut album »Needs Continuum« as well her EP »Kiki The Wormhole« the U.S.-born Londoner Karen Gwyer creates diverse Techno outfits with layers of House and Ambient.
An e-mail conversation.

Walter Pontis | 03.01.2014 mehr lesen

Metal Orchestra High Instead Of Deceit Maneuver

article_7307_article_7290_melodiansste_160.jpg Mathias Polednas ,swinging donkey, Jeremy Dellers, steel artist - film art, that concentrates of its own music creation. How is it possible to play so melodiously with metal drums? To create such a broad band of sounds? In the British pavilion at the Art section of the Venice Biennale the »Melodians Steel Orchestra« took the prize. An enchanted, subjective »Prolo Schlagzeug« column from the series.
Translation: Hovard Goldman
» german version

Holly Herndon: an advocate for weird laptop beats

article_6981_hherndon_160.jpg Holly Herndon uses her laptop as a live instrument. She thinks about the computer's personal experiences and gives a lesson in bi- and polytonality which flows in both directions. Herndon will play live at Donaufestival Krems: Saturday, 27th April 2013, 22:00, Halle 3. A good reason for an e-mail interview in advance.

Walter Pontis | 16.04.2013 mehr lesen

»Retromania« or »Pop Revolution No.3«?

  • skug : 92

On the German translation of the much-discussed tome by Simon Reynolds.

Translated into English by Friederike Kulcsar
»German version

Walter Pontis | 20.10.2012 mehr lesen

Margarida Garcia, The Leaden Echo

article_6509_mgsolo3_160.jpg Margarida Garcia lives in Lisbon, plays bass and draws, always on the edge and looking for next. She describes her latest solo release, »The Leaden Echo«, as »Not conceptual. Not experimental. Not technical. Not clean. Not cold.« - Let's talk.

«Everywhere march your head» William S. Burroughs

Mad Nanna - We always just hit record and start

article_6064_mad1_160.jpg I will probably give you a different answer every time you ask me, but for now, Mad Nanna's out of tune, out of place and out of time collection of lazy and aloof lofi recordings on the »I Made Blood Better« tape was the best reord of 2011. A small talk with Mad Nanna's songwriter Michael Zulicki.

No Sleep At All - Lemmy Kilmister †


»You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do«
(Henry Ford)

»He seems to attach himself to certain movements ...
Lemmy Kilmister: Idiot, I think is the word you want«

Text: Lemmy Kilmister* (edited by Noël Akchoté)         »german translation


Noël Akchoté | 07.04.2011 mehr lesen

Out of the Creche and onto the Stage

  • Artist: Sudeten Creche

In April Sudeten Creche will be on stage for the first time in more than twenty-five years, performing in London, Paris, Antwerp, Berlin and Vienna. skug caught up with Sudeten Creche during their rehearsal schedule to find out more about the songs they will be playing and some of the lesser-known history of this established but somewhat reclusive early 80's minimal electro duo.

Fotocredits: Martin Lloyd

Michael Giebl | 06.04.2011 mehr lesen

Stressed by Photography

  • Artist: Hiroaki Umeda

Hiroaki Umeda is known for his works that combine choreography, soundscapes, imagery and lighting design. As a one-man company acting under the name of S20 he has been composing choreographies for other dancers since 2008. At the Tanzquartier Vienna he presented »2. repulsion«, a performance he created in 2010 for three dancers (Sofiane Belkebir, Yvener Guillaume, Soufiane Tiet) by commission for the Théâtre de Suresnes Jean Vilar. The other piece he presented on two evenings (26.03.-27.03.2011) was »while going to a condition«, a work that established his reputation as a first-class Japanese solo dancer who blends classical dance movements with HipHop elements, always keeping his feet firmly grounded while being in contact with rhythmic noises and minimalist video art. Backstage he talked about his first steps into the world of dance and explained his spatial concepts.

Fotocredit: Julieta Cervantes

I am female first

  • Artist: Michele Byrd-McPhee, Tweetie
  • Texttyp: Interview

»Ladies of Hip-Hop« is an annual festival, first held in Philadelphia in 2004 and now located in New York City. On the 8th of March 2011, the International Women's Day, the founder of the festival, Michele Byrd-McPhee, presented her project for the first time in Europe together with the »KosmosTheater Wien« and the Austrian association »Urban Arts & Culture«, a place in Vienna for art and politics explicitly dedicated to female artists. Michele Byrd-McPhee offered a versatile programme containing performances, workshops and panel discussions to broach the issue of female creativity within a male dominated Hip-Hop culture. skug talked with Michele and Tweetie, a famous Hip-Hop dancer and choreographer from the South-Bronx, about different aspects of Hip-Hop Culture and the female role in it.

Photo: Michele Byrd-McPhee, © Gabriel Bienzycky

You only really begin to learn when you leave


skug interviews John Foxx on his new album »Interplay«, D-I-Y, ghosts, and the art of leaving.

Credits of all Photos: Metamatic

Michael Giebl | 19.03.2011 mehr lesen

Sometimes you have to kill your darlings


Lia Rodrigues is a Brazilian born activist and artistic director, trained in classical ballet in Sao Paulo in the 70s. Her work has won several prizes both in Brazil and overseas. In February 2011 she showed her latest piece »Pororoca« (2009) for the first time in Austria, together with a performance of »Such Stuff As We Are Made Of« (2000) at the Tanzquartier Wien. Her performance and dance style are inspired by the daily routines of Rio de Janeiro's favelas, constantly shifting the dancers' body language between familiar and exceptional expressions. (Foto: Pororoca 3 © Sammi Landweer)

Real walls to deal with

  • Artist: Meg Stuart, Philipp Gehmacher, Vladimir Miller
  • Texttyp: Interview

Meg Stuart is an American choreographer and dancer now living in Belgium. She is a very important  figure in the European and International contemporary dance world, leading her own company Damaged Goods since 1994. We got the chance to talk to her and the well known Austrian Choreographer and Dancer Philipp Gehmacher together with the German visual artist Vladimir Miller about their new, physically intense piece »The Fault Lines« which they presented via Tanzquartier Wien in the MUMOK factory basement on 4th and 5th February 2011.

fotocredit: © Eva Würdinger

Hanna Palme, Michael-Franz Woels | 13.02.2011 mehr lesen

Off-Key Continuities: Audiovisual Interventions by the Video Bands Metamkine and Granular Synthesis


Even after years of terminological presence it remains difficult to pin down what a VJ does, what makes one a VJ, what legitimises a VJ, what a VJ is. Depending on the context, the terms »VJ« and »VJing« are used in such heterogeneous frameworks and are associated with such an array of different fields of activities that it would take several chapters merely to explain the term »VJing« and its nature.

This text, however, attempts to create an audiovisual dispositive which departs from common designations for VJs, and instead takes a detour around so-called video bands to display the many possibilities for novel audiovisual live art. This will be exemplified by Metamkine from France and Granular Synthesis from Austria.

Text originally published Nov. 2006 for VJ Theory;

Heinrich Deisl | 13.02.2011 mehr lesen

Come With Us, The Future's Here To Stay

  • Artist: Andy Oppenheimer, Mark Warner, Martin Lloyd
  • skug : 85
  • Texttyp: Interview
article_5121_101022-burtrum-1368_160.jpg Minimal Wave is crashing back in on Europe. An Interview with Oppenheimer Analysis and Mark Warner (Sudeten Creche, Rossetti's Compass) at the club event Brave Exhibitions Berlin. (See skug #85 print issue for a full article in German on the modern Berlin Wave club scene: »Weniger ist mehr, Herr Bargeld!«)

Andy Oppenheimer/Martin Lloyd (Oppenheimer Analysis), Jen Ellerson (Brave Exhibitions), Mark Warner (Sudeten Creche, Rossetti's Compass) @ Brave Exhibitions Berlin, 21.10.2010. Photo: © Kristal Burtrum

Michael Giebl | 29.12.2010 mehr lesen

Goaty Tapes - I identify with goofs

  • Label: Goaty Tapes

Back to the future. Or maybe tape labels have never really gone away. Anyway, I like the Connecticut based tape label Goaty Tapes because of its careful and naïve hand-collage layout that ties together a well-selected bunch of artists. A word with its founder; history student Zully Adler.

Interview with Glenn Branca


»I could demand in the contract that I have a 20 hour sound-check«


 From left to right, guitars: Evelyne Buhler, Eric Hubel, Reg Bloor and Greg McMullen, conductor: Glenn Branca, drummer: Libby Fab, bass: Ryan Walsh

» german Version, translated by Friederike Kulcsar

Washed, Printed, Bound & Erased

  • skug : 84

In French there is an odd common expression that I never quite got right as it obviously states one thing and its radical contrary at the same time: »On n'a pas tous les jours vingts ans« (»one doesn't turn twenty every day«). Twenty What/What »twenty«?

Noël Akchoté | 25.09.2010 mehr lesen

There is freedom in the minimum


An interview with Pieter Schoolwerth about New York's groundbreaking Cold Wave label Wierd Records, joined by two of its highly acclaimed musicians, Liz Wendelbo (Xeno & Oaklander) and Sean McBride (Martial Canterel, X&O).

Photocredits: Liz Wendelbo & Sean McBride, Diana Daia

Michael Giebl | 27.03.2010 mehr lesen

Versuchen Sie das nicht zu Hause!


Der schwedische Klangkünstler Carl Michael von Hausswolff über seine CDs »Råttor«, »Maskar« und »Kryp«, Soundinterferenzen, Körperfrequenzen, Burroughs vs. Gysin, Neil Young und Kuratierungen von Sound-Installationen.

Fotos: Rainer Dragan

Heinrich Deisl | 23.11.2009 mehr lesen

Bowie Meets Punk in Industrial Landscape

An interview with postpunk-legends Artery (Sheffield)

German version: skug print issue Vol. 80, 10-12/2009

Ulrich Stock | 24.09.2009 mehr lesen

Terre Thaemlitz


In early June, American-Japanese musician Terre Thaemlitz had been invited for a performance to the opening of the exhibition »The Death Of The Audience« in the Viennese Secession.

For about two hours, he played an acoustic piano piece. Dressed in a shiny gala-like dress, Thaemlitz just sat there, pouring drops of piano sounds into the gallery and creating an environment that oscillated between fragile, restrained and eruptive moments. Single chords delayed themselves to seemingly infinity. The projector next to the audience displayed various designs, text excerpts and statistics from »Soulnessless«, his big follow-up project to »Love Bomb«.

In the interview, Terre Thaemlitz talks about »Soulnessless«, his ideas about soul music, its technical aspects and its (dis-)connections towards the Western music industry.

For him, musicians and producers seem to be confronted with drastic changes in their working conditions due to an »easy access«-mentality in the MP3-era. He also focuses on current socio-political mechanisms which force society in general and queer positions in particular back to conservative concepts of cohabitation like families and clans.

Heinrich Deisl | 01.08.2009 mehr lesen

30. Nickelsdorfer Konfrontationen 10.~12. July 2009

article_4619_kleyle_vordach_160.jpg The preoccupation with contemporary music is for 30 years program of the Nickelsdorfer Konfrontationen. Here an music-interested public comes together, which is hungry on new stories, which by international musicians and artists in most diverse clay/tone languages are told.

Interview with RHYS CHATHAM, 27 November 2008

article_4592_rhys_chatham_160.jpg Rhys Chatham, one of the pioneers of the New York music scene, since 1988 living in Paris, was invited by Superamas (F/A) to play a concert for the series »Insel Nr. 3 - It's Our Pleasure« at Tanzquartier Wien on 28 November 2008.

Alfred Pranzl | 28.08.2008 mehr lesen


A Miracle Reissued Today.
Noël Akchoté | 14.06.2008 mehr lesen

Derek Jarman’s »BLUE«

»Blue« (1993) is the last film by English filmmaker Derek Jarman, who made 11 feature films between 1977 and 1993, as well as numerous super 8mm »shorts«.
Andrew Sharpley | 27.05.2007 mehr lesen

Hörfest 2007 in Graz

Very personal review by Jean-Hervé Peron (FAUST) ...
Jean-Hervé Peron | 06.04.2007 mehr lesen

3 Suits & A Violin

Noël Akchoté | 04.04.2007 mehr lesen

Outubro - Solo Guitar Playing

Noël Akchoté | 04.04.2007 mehr lesen

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