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»End Titles-Stories for Film«

So it's James Lavelle here, and the previous album s called »War Stories«, and we re galored with a huge list of features (Josh Homme, Chris Gross, Gavin Clark, Joel Cadbury, James Petralli, etc.). So far the approach and mixes got much to do with Coldplay or Sigur Ros meets New-Wave-in-Pop-Charts. Is it all a bit amporph because it s supposed to not disturb a movie (I read Abel Ferrara s name but cant tell you what for precisely)? - I mean it s...

»White T-Shirt«

article_4485_mickey_gre_150.jpg Micky Green has been heavily working out her looks and concept. If you don't catch the album just from its cover, she would have missed something already. So did I, curious of how what I first saw would sound like. Does such a title as »White T-Shirt« also mean: write whatever you like on? Musically it's definetely skin, pretty minimal if not simply poor. Couple riffs, gimmicks, a low-tech production (though this could be welcome), and barely no ...

»You can do everything«

article_4484_the_zutons_150.jpg From the way they sound I immediately look for places and particularly origins. This only happens in the States, you don't get that sort of deep fried fat rockin' shuffling sound elsewhere normally. Although plenty of influences may cross your mind at times, they take over easily with strength and power. Classic Rock from before it was ever set. There's clearly plenty of good riffs, songs and overall ideas in the Zutons. The kind of record you pl...

»The Kick«

  • Artist: Vain Victor
  • Label: EMI
Got that one obviously too late: »The Kick« celebrates 2008's Euro Football thing, that already happened now. Lyrics are juicy like hell, and suddenly flashes you back to the long-long history of (dull) single albums accompanying some event, celebration, opening and so on ... »This Little Ball / Is International / Kick it!, Just Kick it - This Crazy Ball / Is super Natural / Kick it, Just Kick It - This Little Ball / Is Inter-Cultural / Kick It, ...


A Miracle Reissued Today.

»Altered Realities«

»Acoustic guitar and live electronics« says the CD, but this time from Istanbul (rather than Linz , Manchester , Berlin or Toyko). While entering this series of seven solo guitar compositions I try to forget about previous things I may naturally link this album with. All is very open and often melodical here, more of a soundtrack, of atmospheres and landscapes, light and textiles than any sort of posing conceptual installation. What mainly differ...

Sarkozy - La farce du président

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« La merde au cul en trois couleurs ! » ou comment pendant que j'étais parti j'ai plus eu de président mais autre chose qu'il semble improbable depouvoir définir tout à fait sauf á compter les points, les pertes et autres dommages collatèraux. Petit par l'esprit, grand par la démagogie et l'envie d'être irrésistible. Un peu á la manière dont chantait jadis la princesse Stéphanie de Monaco, mais sans pour autant se douter qu'un jour « L'Irrésistib...

La Passe: L

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article_6239_lene_lovic_by_les_chapell_150.jpg Unsere großen Lieben - die kleinen Lieder, die großen Leinwände, das schwere Lesen, die leichte Luftschiff-Fahrt des Geistes, die geheimen Lüste und das offensichtliche Larifari. Ach, was sind wir nicht für Luder! Listige Lachsäcke und launisches Lumpenpack! Ziehen Linien einer Leidenschaft, die Leiden schafft. Linkisch, lässig und lädiert aus dem luziden Lidschatten des Lebens lallend.

Three of a Kind

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Remember 1985: In the 2000's a lot of art forms have been facing a liftingin order to hide the fact that they weren't anything esle but a revivalism and a merchandise. To return is not somthing you partcularly want to do unless you have exciting places to depart to.

3 Suits & A Violin

Forgive me this one, but almost inconsciously, the first thing to come in my mind while listening to this album is the early Chico Hamilton quintet. Of course it isnt without any reasons. First the instrumentation is the same here : Hans Koch ( Bass Clarinet and saxophones), Michael Moser ( Cello), Martin Siewert (Guitar and lapsteel), Christian Wolfrath (drums), and Christian Weber ( Double-Bass ), plus some electronic extensions. But mor...

Outubro - Solo Guitar Playing

Where and who is Manuel Mota in 2007 ? I'm not talking about finding his email adress or website or trying to locate him on a map. No map will do, he is his own. He is a presence, a passion, a source of light and inteligence, an evidence. - Two discs : one says Acoustic Guitar the other one Electric Guitar. It is probably about the maximum information one could give. This double album is like a book but each of his ...

»Je Mixe sans Compter«

100 Q&A avec SebastiAn (Ed Banger Records)

Ca c’est Paris!

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La papesse du vide integral. L’avant garde comme jamais.

FatCat - New Releases

Five new releases from the Grand Label of Brighton, that I've somehow failed to review in time. Let's try to rescue the clock's damage, but when it' good it remains there so: # 1 - AMANDINE, »Waiting For The Light To find Us« ( CD Fat053). Swedish pop with angles and some soft sugar-acid colours in both the voice and the music. I quite like the proposed comparaison to early R.E.M. and Crosby, Still, Nash & Young, given on the info shee...

»Early Doldinger - The Complete Philips Sessions«

Is there a life before, and therefore after too, such a group as »Passport«? Is German tenor saxophone fame Doldinger the Dave Sanborn, Jan Garbarek or Wayne Shorter or else from the country? Who does still know who are were and will always remain Sigfired E. Loch and Joachim-Ernst Behrendt ? Questions are probably wrong but this fantastic 4 CD box sets of his early recordings is the best ever possible answer, lesson and knowledge to d...

Al Maslakh ( L'abbatoir)

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Nouveau label Franco-Libanais de musiques improvisées dirige par Sharif Sehnaoui et Mazen Kerbaj. Paris - Beyrouth Aller-Retour -

Miles Davis Quintet

article_3899_miles-davi_150.jpg »The Legendary Prestige Sessions«: Réédition de l'ensemble des séances qui changèrent la face du Jazz dans le milieu des années 50. L'arrivée de Coltrane, d'un
nouveau jeu de contrebasse aussi avec Chambers et d'un Miles Davis toujours
plus a la pointe de son temps et de son art.


A classic piano trio (bass & drums) melting with pop and electronics, songs and looped grooves. I don't mind a certain dose of fusion and easy music so that I'm rather pleased to hear such a combination of grand piano and open chord changes. Overall it's very classy and sounds like peaced music. Vogt as a beautiful touch and an inner sense for playing detached and singing melodies on piano. The general atmosphere is also not far from Wa...

»The Blues«

The cover shows you a Les Paul guitar more or less vintage and supposed to get you into the whole idea via references (from Jimmy Page to Michael Bloomfield and countless other blues rock Les Paul Players). But when you open the case and take the CD out what you see is a computer screen with two electronic mixing desks and an half empty bottle of mineral water. I don't mean it's a paradox at all but what is it supposed to learn me? This a b...

»Mosquito Bite«

In the pure tradition of Organ Blues Soul Jazz combos once more. I guess if you can play and record things like that in 2006 you could have done so in ???66, ???86 or ???98. So what makes people want to go for it over and over again? Well the reason is extremely simple: It always works! We all enjoy that sound, this format and kind of music, so much that you can bring it in anytime and you'll for sure find an audience. And I must say that W...

»Slow New York«

Directly baked from the Norah Jones academy (featuring herself on piano and vocals too), »Slow New York« is a real ode to the city and a certain way of life pre-911 somehow. Drop Suzanne Vega, Woody Guthrie and add Stefan Grossman plus Paul Simon and you may get a certain picture. Julian's voice is definitely close to the one of Norah Jones though male and slightly more folky than jazzy. There's also a particular desire to sing smoothly and...


  • Artist: Tomas Korber
  • Label: Cut 015 (
A single white page booklet in a thick recyclable double cardboard sleeve (blue, silver and natural abstract prints). Six tracks »Recorded and composed« over 2003-2005 by the still young (Zürich based) artist. »Thermo« (19 minutes) opens the album with a soft industrial atmosphere and classic electronica clicking patterns while »Wüste« (track # 2) emphases on guitar amp hummings and noises going directly into »Fred Austere« the third track....


  • Artist: Charlie Hunter Trio
  • Label: Ropeadope/Ryko/Lotus Records
Charlie Hunter is more known for his Groovy Jazz trio albums and performances as an all-man band on guitar (can't quite remember if that was 7 string guitar or something around that made him sound like a »Hammond organ on guitar« kind off thing). The label proudly insists here on the fact that for this new album »It Rocks«. The thing is I don't think it really does at all. More of a Guitar summit with pretty strange sounds and unfinished ph...


  • Artist: Daniel Meteo
  • Label: Meteosound/MDM & Friends
»Electronic post club minimal house from Berlin«? I actually dunno how you call that kind of sounds. It has a beat, some chords very far in the back of the mix, a repetetive sort of bass line and it's pretty long to start or go anywhere. It's more like a background noise trying to transform into a piece or to be honest it reminds me of someone waking up after a heavy drinking night and totally disable to access the kitchen and start some co...


Who needs that? ECM maybe? The music is fine though it's exactly what you find these days in »Jazz« sections, but has as much to do with Jazz as Shakira would with Punk-Rock (not even sure about that). Nice piano repetitive lines with bass clarinet, percussions and »going nowhere« themes. It is a very relaxing, smooth but not lounge, easy going middle class product. with very un-questioning blank music. I'm sure they are like what they play...

»Weaving Symbolics«

  • Artist: Steve Coleman & 5 Elements
  • Label: Label Bleu/Lotus Records
A »Nice masterclass« ... Something sounds wrong here but I can't quite tell you what yet. I mean the line up is very nice (Brazil, France, USA, etc.), very diverse and mixed, the project seems to have taken place over long periods of mutual respect and exchange and has also been recorded in various studios and locations. But at the end the cake doesn't really take off. It's like if everyone was already so glad and selfconfident before it e...

»SuperItalia Vol. 19«

Vol.19: 19 tracks and close to 79 minutes of music ... there's something here. OK that's 100% dance functional music (with supplies »für dein Handy« too). You know what? After too many boring jazzy, rocky, poppy and more undefined products I must admit that »Super Italia« is a good way to quite a long series of reviews. It's clear, it's more or less well done, the artwork (huge technoid blue letters on flashy Yellow background) is just as g...

»The Ultimate Adventure«

  • Artist: Chick Corea
  • Label: Stretch Records/Universal
It looks like an advertising for L.Ron Hubbard's Dianetics but I haven't started to listen to the album yet, so I can't tell you if it also sounds as such a thing (well ... the first three lines of the booklet now confirm a 1000 % Scientology based album). Older and more recent encounters are here again at play: Hubert Laws, Steve Gadd, Airto Moreira but also Frank Gambale, Vinnie Colaiuta or Tim Garland. And the music is on the same level ...


Mozart, Chopin, Schumann and Liszt: A very piano-piano program, which is offered to us as a sort of Horowitz tribute but also (as printed inside) as »old memories/new perspectives«. My problem after about four bars of Mozart by Lang Lang is, that he's close to a certain idea of technical perfection. The way he phrases, the way he keeps the tempo extremely steadily, the way he sort of does ten things at the same time makes me want to stop th...

»Briefly Shaking«

»Yes she is the daughter of her father ...« (and that's it). But what I can't tell is, if she ever worked before (they do on that one) with him and, if Jan Garbarek did or didn't play with Don Cherry in the late 60's and early 70's (Gato Barberi did and Neneh started composing with Don at a very early age). Meanwhile we're facing a pretty personal album here. It is soft and smooth, has nice melodies and delicate arrangements, slightly old f...

»Half-past Human«

Park Attack is a trio from Glasgow with Guitar-Vocals, Drums and Synths with post-past music and sounds. Somewhere around DNA, Sonic Youth or Steve Albini's 90's productions. It remarkably interpretated up to the point where you really feel like standing-up and go fetch the original albums off the wall. They really do a perfect »pum-chak-pum-chak« punky drums sound & pattern and as we know that fits just perfectly to a Fender Jazzmaster...

»Berlin Hi-Fi«

  • Artist: Botanica
  • Label: Rent a dog/AL!VE
The new band of Paul Wallfisch, ex-Firewater singer and keyboardist, from New York is: Botanica. A pretty good mixture of 60's/70's pop sounds (lyrical electric guitars with tremolo and cheap organs) together with melancholic vocals and worked out lyrics. It's rather nice but it has the strange tendency to swop styles every next song (Bad Seeds, David Byrne, Brian Wilson, The Stranglers etc.). Like NY goes Manchester or Pop goes Rock or...

Guide succès

Comment j'ai tout raté dans un le Monde moderne des musiques et des arts - Petit guide rapide du Succès.

La Passe: I

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»Ach, ihr Frauen! La-la-la-la! Ach, ihr Frauen! La-la-la-la!« Und selbst wenn nur Herr Julio Iglesias bliebe, um den Buchstaben I vorzustellen - ich könnte eine so traumhafte Möglichkeit nicht an mir vorüberziehen lassen. Darüber hinaus hat aber der Buchstabe I die charmante Besonderheit, sehr oft feminin zu sein. Und deshalb widme ich hier einige Buchstaben den Frauen!

Ecoutez Alexandre Bellenger

  • skug : 66
Rencontre en Banlieue Parisienne. Il y a encore tellement de personnes a découvrir. Tout recommence toujours alors je demande: Qui étés-vous? Et la réponse arrive : »pfff ... Bellenger, Alexandre, 30 ans, musicien et d'autres trucs dans le genre. Ca vous va ?« - Vous ne le connaissez pas encore? Moi non plus en fait. 20 questions a Alexandre Bellenger!

»Waterpercussion« | »Transformation«

  • Artist: Shineform | Edlinger/Kagerer/Nobili
  • Label: Cwm Records/Extraplatte
If Derek Bailey sounds pretty enthusiastic, as reported on the footnote, I am definetely a little less. He says: »Very interesting, varied, exciting, dynamic, new ways explored by Shineform, congratulations«. The very first number of this improvised music duet (Georg Edlinger on percussions and Volker Kagerer on various electric basses, to make it short) is particularly loose and sounds more like a jam session than a great moment of improv....


  • Artist: Wayne Horwitz & Robin Holcomb
  • Label: Songlines
Looking uncarefully at this CD you'd probably expect a piano duet which in itself is already a sort of mystery and extra-teritorial subject (I think Cecil Taylor is a specialist at that too). But listening more carefully you'd be waiting for long before hearing any two pianos. It is a split album in fact and this idea to associate two players on a same album, sharing every single space, is so beautiful that I could stop here. Starting so...


  • Artist: Joelle Léandre&India Cooke
  • Label: Red Toucan
We've all heard strings improvising before but we can always be surprised when it seems again totally new. That doesn't happen too often, it is true. If duets are the closest musical form (we could argue on my deliberate choice to use the word »form« here, I know) to gibbering and conversing it does never guarantee any result. »What is a result?« is a serious question adressed to improvisors. All we have here is a trace, a slice and an ...


  • Artist: Odd Shot
  • Label:
Trunpet, alto, double bass and drums. The sign of modern jazz but as a reference (considering Ornette Coleman's original quartet and later various bands such as the Paul Motian quartet with Tim Berne and Herb Robertson or Jimmy Lyons groups with Andrew Cyrille and Lester Bowie). I'm affraid I've heard a lot of that I liked very much already. Also that is more of a personal comment but I hardly understand why nowadays people are carrying on ...

»Ultimate Collection«

I'm extremely thankfull to misses and mister Sony for sending me a copy of that best-of-the-best Annie Lenox and Dave Stewart works. Like probably many of us here I've never bought any of these albums simply because they've had constant and sustained airplay in the last 20 years. It does not mean I didn't pay any attention to the golden team and couple. I've always found a strong and different signature, producer and composer, lyricist in t...


  • Artist: B.B. King & Friends
  • Label: Geffen
Anything and everything for the Blues. »My heart to daddy« in this case. You'll never see me saying a single bad word on an artist of the size of BB King (I???m not taking diabetes here). However you value him in the blues history (originator, projector, inventor or simple good preacher), it is his own legacy that directly changed the face of guitar in 60's white rock'n'roll. »80« is like a happy birthday party we'd do to our beloved ones. ...


How many MTV unplugged records do we keep at home? At the end I can't really count much more than three: Nirvana, Bob Dylan and the bootleg copy of Björk with the world Saxophone quartet. Alicia Keys is said to be contesting under the »R&B« section. Vague files and unproper documentations have lead in the past and present to wrong spellings. Isn't what she does more of a soul pop mixture? Anyway: she sings perfectely, the whole show is ...


Since some year already I sort of prophetise the »Return of Fusion music and Jazz-Rock« But it didn't come down on us yet. As I was opening my views to Martin S. in front of a beer the other day he entered a short silence, looking slightly dubious and raised the good point : »But that's very difficult music to play!« Nothing can stop MC Uri »Mastermind« Caine and his two pals from the »Fabulous Bedrock 3-O's« (read three times the l...

»Opera Proibita«

  • Artist: Cecilia Bartoli
  • Label: Decca/Universal
It became so seldom that the classical music marketing and industry finds in one same artist (and person?), a good product as much as an original talent (and I'm volontary skipping here the circus aspects and other tricks in music business, like »sexy but fast« or »romantic and gay«). Bartoli is an amazing talent, individual, presence, projection and musical human being. Like all the most important interprets she litteraly becomes the m...


  • Artist: Hofmann/Wangenheim/Schönborn
  • Label: Rodenstein Records
»Musikalische Improvisationen im Reaktor« is what you should know first. A beautiful sound full of natural reverb, real nice tones and players obviously for a sort of »end of the times« suite. With the addition of strings later on, this music is on one side superbly played and written and on the other one so extremely ECM like. There is something of Fred Frith's nostalgia here too that keeps our attention awake. I don't really know what ...

»Downtown Science«

While many music critics are trying to announce the fall and death of electronic music (against a return to guitar music or rock bands), we still get loads of products coming out each week. It's also true that listening to Blockhead sampling (or more often just playing it full length) 50's easy listening and familly records I wonder why not just reissuing the original albums? More than that even, we could all (they do it already obviously) ...

»TP 3 Reloaded«

Includes the hits »Trapped in the closet (Chapters 1-5)« seems important enough here to be sticked on this new release. It doesnt probably have any relation at all with the Charles Bukowski novel where he describes a west coast »all of litterature fame« party from the loo while taking a shit. Exploring further into the CD I find right under the DVD a film-like poster that informs us on the »closet« situation: »It's the only way to see w...

Jazz on Verve (Reissues, Part 2)

Gold showers on Verve as well. LESTER YOUNG wit OSCAR PETERSON TRIO is the compiled original double 10'' plus a crazy track (# 13!) where Lester sings himself (or let's say hums better). Barney Kessel on Guitar (his best years) and what will you do if Ray Brown wasn't on bass? Following is: Oscar Peterson trio »We get requests« (no more Kessel but J.C.Heard on drums). A good catalogue of Peterson's possibilities (basically anything) with a ...

»IT S ALL ABOUT US« (borrowed from t.A.T.u.)

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In 1989, on their way to Ponto-Corvo, the radical advertists group Didi&Noël, driving a car at 6:34 AM, were arrested by the C.I.W. To this present day we still don't really know the motivations of their trip, but it's been said a secret meeting involving Che Guevara, Karl Lagerfeld and Carlos was to take place there. After about six years of research, the music critic from »Die Zeitung-Zeitung« (who wishes to remain anonymous) has hijacked s...

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